Pellets – environmentally friendly fuel

Our Products & Services

Premium Quality Pellets

We offer 6 and 8 mm Premium quality wood pellets which are produced using the best possible raw materials: dry sawdust, planing chips and off cuts left over from timber processing.

Premium Quality Lumbers

We offer a high quality European hardwood and softwood lumber. All timber is hand-picked and cut from responsibly harvested forests. We can help you with good quality timber, our know-how, and all that at reasonable prices.

Birchwood charcoal organic

We are offering restaurant-quality organic charcoal made from birch wood in accordance with the sustainable forest management standards where the wood is dried naturally before production and therefore yielding to a 100% chemical free & environmentally friendly product.

Wood Chips

We are offering wood chips for power and pellet plants. Chips are made from firewood.

Incengroup aims to facilitate the increase in the role of renewable energy sources in energy balance.


For the production in bags, Incengroup specializes in 40 L bag production. Standard-conforming bag is 50 x 72 cm and weighs 14.5 -15.5 kg for Kiln dried firewood. We can offer birch ,oak, alder, split logs firewood and mixed hard wood firewood.

Fossil free world

Limiting global warming is one of the biggest challenges. As a forest company, our goal is to contribute and be part of the solution.


We offer solutions regarding the delivery of goods, tailored to the order quantity, the scope of supply, and the distance. Regardless of the type of your activity and your order quantity, we will be able to offer you the most suitable solution.


The advantageous geographical position of Estonia as well as the availability of a network of warehouses allow for delivery to anywhere in the Europe, by any mode of transport, with significant savings on logistics services. Trust the transportation structure developed by us, which allows us tod deliver within the shortest possible time.