About Incengroup

Incengroup’s values are based on a belief in the importance of forests for a sustainable future for everyone. A long-term approach and sustained profitability are central to Incengroup’s strategic direction and, together with dedicated employees, innovation and continuous improvement, create profitable growth.

Our Mission

To be the most reliable pellet provider in Europe

Our Vision

To develop the usage of renewable energy

Our Core Values


We respect our colleagues, our customers and partners, and we treat them the way we want to be treated. We believe that people work better if their relationship is based on trust.


We always try to achieve the highest results in the areas, which are of strategic importance for the company.

 We encourage initiative and decisive action in the interests of the company and our customers. We learn from both successes and failures.

We set ambitious goals, and we know that, in our striving for them, we will be able to achieve more than we expected.


We treat each other with honesty and integrity. We openly express our opinions and exchange information widely and consciously. We encourage teamwork and open dialogue in solving the tasks at hand.

We discover new ways of doing business that will allow us to win the market more effectively.

Customer Focus

Everything that is associated with the client has the highest priority in our company. Everything we do is focused on customer satisfaction: the products we produce, the services we provide.

The essence of our work is to fulfill these obligations and to improve the effectiveness of the client’s business. We strive to anticipate and to fulfill the needs of our customers to a higher level than they expect.


We are guided by clear and mutually agreed goals and strategies in our work. We believe that actions promoting business development in keeping with the spirit of integrity will ultimately bring success to the company and each of its employees.

We consider all our actions and tasks not only from the point of view of personal development and advantages but also from the point of view of achieving the company’s goals.


We have a responsibility to nature, each other and future generations. We are also responsible for ensuring that we all feel safe and secure at work and that we are given opportunities to develop.

When we assume responsibility, learn more and have fun, we do a better job.

The advantages of buying your pellets from IncenGroup:

  • High energy content (5,3 kWh) and consistent quality
  • 6 mm and 8 mm wood pellets
  • ENplus in available
  • Fast delivery
  • Availability of large amounts of products ready for shipment

Heating With Pellets

The wood pellets can be used in all boilers designed for wood and in conventional fireplaces outfitted with a special basket. The advantages of using such pellets for heating are the significantly lower prices compared to other fuel varieties, simplicity and convenience. You will only need to fill up the boiler once a week. This is an environmentally-friendly fuel and it helps facilitate the preservation of other natural resources.