Product Delivery

We offer solutions regarding the delivery of goods, tailored to the order quantity, the scope of supply, and the distance. Regardless of the type of your activity and your order quantity, we will be able to offer you the most suitable solution.

Delivering high-quality wholesale wood pellets across Scandinavia and Europe, we are committed to good customer service and to delivering a top-quality product.

You can contact us +372 5187 434  or email

Today we work with a variety of clients, from very large producers and utilities to smaller regional producers and distributors, thus trading industrial as well as premium grade pellets. We trade more than 100,000 MT wood products per year. In addition, we have recently increased trading of other biomass including woodchips, briquettes, firewood and birchwood charcoal.


The advantageous geographical position of Estonia as well as the availability of a network of warehouses allow for delivery to anywhere in the Europe, by any mode of transport, with significant savings on logistics services. Trust the transportation structure developed by us, which allows us to deliver within the shortest possible time!

We do large volumes of truck and rail transportation. In combination with our other transport modalities we can build efficient supply chains. 

The marine network covers The Baltic Sea and The North Sea and connects to the global network from the major ports in Europe. Additional break bulk vessels complete the network enabling us to offer competitive solutions to any corner of the world.

Containers are a continuously growing part of marine business, since decades to deep sea destination but also rapidly increasing intermodal containers solutions to European destinations. Our excellent marine services are based on fixed and robust schedules allowing our customers to plan shipments in detail while we take responsibility for on time deliveries.