Premium Quality Pellets

Wood pellets are an environmentally-friendly biofuel type. The advantages are the significantly lower prices compared to other fuel varieties, simplicity and convenience. We offer 6 and 8 mm Premium quality wood pellets which are produced using the best possible raw materials: dry sawdust, planing chips and off cuts left over from timber processing.

Our wood pellets are used not only in pellet ovens and heating systems but also in power plants to generate electricity and heating. Pellets are unique because of their high energy density as well as because of their good transport and storage properties. 

Premium Quality lumber

We offer a high quality European hardwood and softwood lumber. All timber is hand-picked and cut from responsibly harvested forests. We can help you with good quality timber, our know-how, and all that at reasonable prices. We keep edged and un-edged sawn timber in our stock.

​Most of the timber is cut with a bandsaw and is KD 8-10%. We are keeping in stock all the time: European Oak, European Ash, European Pine, European Birch.

Wood Chips

We are offering wood chips for power and pellet plants. Chips are made from firewood.

With the increase in the importance of renewable energy sources and the construction of combined heat and electricity plants, demand for wood chips has increased.

Wood chips accounts for approximately 5% of the annual sales volume of wood, which is approximately 400 GWh based on energy value. Wood chips are produced using cutting waste from regeneration cutting sites, as well as brushwood and trunks collected from forest improvement sites. Initially, the material is left to stand at the cutting area in windrows, and is transported to intermediate storage after drying. Incengroup organises the chopping of the stacks and transportation of the wood chips to the buyer’s warehouse.

Incengroup aims to facilitate the increase in the role of renewable energy sources in energy balance.


The wood species we use to make Firewood are: Birch, Oak and Alder. Each log is cut into pieces of 25cm, split 4-6 times for 8-15 cm diameter and stacked into boxes (crates) or net bags. Firewood 40l considered to be the best option for daily use.

For the production in bags, Incengroup specializes in 40 L bag production. Standard-conforming bag is 50 x 72 cm and weighs 14.5 -15.5 kg for Kiln dried firewood. We can offer birch ,oak, alder, split logs firewood and mixed hard wood firewood. For mixes contact us via email:

Humidity between 14 and 17%

One truckload is 24 pallets, 1584 bags.

Birchwood charcoal organic

We are offering restaurant-quality organic charcoal made from birch wood in accordance with the sustainable forest management standards where the wood is dried naturally before production and therefore yielding to a 100% chemical free & environmentally friendly product.

This high quality natural charcoal generates instant ignition with sustainable heat in 15 minutes temperatures up to 300°C pleasant natural flavor with great tasting, smokeless and odorless, flammable liquids are not necessary.

Charcoal is available in 20L or 45L bags. For custom order please contact us via email: